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Restricting access where necessary and keeping an eye on staff movements with access control

By working side-by-side with industry-leading technical developers of access control, we guarantee the best technology with the best possible service.


Increase personal safety for all and be in complete control of who can enter or leave your premises

Whether it’s managing access for a handful of doors or across your entire premises, access control is a convenient and flexible way of making sure that your premises is safe from unauthorised access.

Rather than using traditional keys, access control uses keycards and fobs. These cannot be copied meaning that only those who are issued with one can enter areas of your building that would usually be off-limit to the public.

Should an employee misplace their keycard/fob, it can be removed from the system with just a tap of a button. This means that should anyone find that card, they cannot use it to gain access to your building.

Access Control Surrey

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We will work with you to find you the right access control system that best meets your security requirements

No two business environments are the same which means your access control system will be completely bespoke to you.


The simplest form of access control. Perfect for smaller buildings with a small number of doors you wish to manage.


Designed for complete building management. Ideal for schools, hospitals and large office buildings.

Door Entry

A door entry system, or intercom, will allow you to see who’s at the front door before they can gain access to the building.


As your business and budget grows, so does your access control

We can work closely with you to address your security concerns whilst still allowing you to manage your budgets effectively.

One of the biggest benefits of our access control systems is that they are scalable. This means that additional equipment such as keypads and readers can be added onto the system at a later date.


Mobile access control solutions from BCS Security

Mobile access control is a new way of controlling access throughout your property.

As the name suggests, staff can use their mobile phones or wearable devices as their access credentials. The credentials are kept within an access control app which will allow them to move throughout the building. Restrictions can be put in place to stop certain members of staff from entering areas of high importance much like with a traditional system.

Access Control App Surrey
Door Entry Systems Surrey


Don’t require all the features of a full access control system but still want to improve day-to-day security?

A door entry system might be the solution you require if you don’t need smart locks and readers on every door in your building.

At BCS Security, we design and install a wide range of systems including video door entry and audio door entry systems to name but a few.


We are always reviewing the technology we install to ensure our customers receive only the best

We have always been about quality and take great pride in delivering a professional and first-class service that is trusted by thousands across Surrey. Our knowledge of access control means we are best placed to advise you on any new developments in technology. We will provide you with honest and impartial advice on what system is best for you, not what is most expensive.

Types of access control systems we install:

Reliable solutions from trusted industry manufacturers.

Standalone access control

Networked systems

Smart locks


Biometric scanners

Door entry systems

Access Control Surrey
Access Control Surrey
Access Control Surrey

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