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Every CCTV system we install is backed by traditional service and 40 years of experience in the industry

CCTV has been our forte for the best part of 4 decades. We’ve always ensured our customers get the best advice, products, installation and aftercare support. Our proven results are just one of several reasons why both commercial and residential customers choose us as their chosen CCTV installers.


Partnering the best systems with the best installation

We’re trusted for our competent and unbiased CCTV installations and we consistently meet the highest standards achievable.

Our flagship CCTV cameras provide greater detail, depth and clarity to any scene meaning you can capture HD footage at any time of the day. For a FREE quote, please get in touch.

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Assuring quality, reliability and safety through our range of CCTV services

It is engrained in our ethos to help customers no matter what they’re looking for. As specialists in the field, we can provide you with assistance on a variety of subjects such as CCTV maintenance, monitoring and upgrades.


Our CCTV installers will ensure your property is protected with a bespoke and reliable solution.


Our CCTV engineers can provide flexible dates to maintain your cameras, ensuring downtime is minimised.

24/7 Monitoring

Highly trained operatives will monitor your cameras 24/7 and will be able to contact the emergency services or a keyholder.

CCTV Woking

Covering Woking

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We’ve trained our CCTV installers from apprentices to senior engineers

We’ve invested heavily in staff training over the years and have our engineers carry out regular training courses to further their understanding of the products we install.

We as a company embrace the concepts of quality, progress and always striving for the best. This is why we’ve installed thousands of CCTV systems for commercial and domestic customers over the last 40 years.


Smart CCTV cameras from BCS Security

Smart security systems make it even easier to manage and control the security of your property.

With our range of smart CCTV cameras, you can access a live feed of your home or business from anywhere via a CCTV app. This means that you can keep a constant eye over your property as well as pause and rewind footage with just a tap of a button.

Smart CCTV Camera Woking
Wireless CCTV Woking


Wireless CCTV systems can be installed anywhere ensuring there are fewer spots for criminals to hide

Criminals will do whatever they can to not be caught. With wireless CCTV, you are not restricted on where it can be installed meaning it can be installed in strategic places to capture even the most opportunistic criminal.

Should at a later date you need to move the camera, this can easily be done and without much hassle. Should you also want to add more wireless CCTV cameras onto the network, this can easily be done as well.


We have a dedication like no other and design solutions around your exact specifications

Working in the industry for as long as we have has allowed us to gain a great understanding of the day-to-day challenges each industry faces.

Working with the best manufacturers of CCTV means that when you invest in us, you’re investing in quality items that are proven to protect you. For a FREE no-obligation quote, please get in touch.

Why are we the area’s leading security installer?

We can call upon a wide range of proven and reliable CCTV systems to protect your property.

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Trusted by thousands of customers

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“As part of the Spy Alarms Group we can provide our clients with total satisfaction. Combining our experience and knowledge improves our implementation of fire and security systems, whilst combining our resources allows us to provide unrivalled response and customer care.”

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