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Reduce security threats and put yourself in control of who is allowed access to and from your building

Protecting your business shouldn’t cost the earth. We offer affordable access control options for businesses of all sizes. Our systems are from trusted manufacturers, which means you will only receive the best when you choose Buchanan & Curwen Security.


Superior equipment that increases personal safety for you and your staff

An access control system puts you back in control of who can enter or leave your building, which in turn helps to minimise the risk of theft and improve day-to-day security.

We use our experience and technical knowledge to guide our customers towards the best systems taking into account their budget and security requirements. From standalone access control to solutions networked across your entire building, we’re able to ensure your business is safe and protected from unauthorised access.

Access Control Leatherhead

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We aim to find customers the best access control systems with cost-saving benefits and extra functionality when needed

We understand that you won’t have an endless budget when it comes to access control. We install a wide range of solutions that cover all ends of the spectrum meaning we’re guaranteed to have the perfect solution for you.


The simplest form of access control. Perfect for smaller buildings with a small number of doors you wish to manage.


Designed for complete building management. Ideal for schools, hospitals and large office buildings.

Door Entry

A door entry system, or intercom, will allow you to see who’s at the front door before they can gain access to the building.

Access Control Leatherhead

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Expert installations completed to the highest of NSI Gold standards

We have a hard-earned reputation for excellence and we invest heavily in the training of our engineers.

We’re team players here at BCS Security. Our services are flexible to the needs of our customers and we ensure all security systems are installed correctly. Our accreditations represent our commitment to quality and aim to be the best security company in the area. For a FREE quote, or to find out where we work outside of Leatherhead, please get in touch.


Complete confidence when a stranger calls

Intercom systems allow you to see who’s at the door before granting them access to your property.

Not only does that keep the perimeter of your property secure, but it also adds an extra layer of convenience as you don’t have to go to the front door to see who is trying to gain access.

Intercom Systems Leatherhead
Access Control App Leatherhead


Adding an extra layer of security & convenience to your business

Mobile access control allows you to use either your smartphone or wearable device as your access credentials.

Rather than having a keycard or fob, an access control app on your device allows you to navigate your way through the building. As we don’t tend to lend out these devices, you have more reassurance that the right person always has the correct level of access.


We install access control systems based on methods that have been proven elsewhere

We’re the preferred security consultants for thousands of businesses across Surrey. Our reputation lies in the detail and we go the extra mile to ensure every aspect of the building is protected.

Example industries that we’ve installed access control for include schools, hospitality, healthcare, retail showrooms, offices, warehouses and places of worship to name but a few.

Types of access control systems we install:

Reliable solutions from trusted industry manufacturers.

Standalone access control

Networked systems

Smart locks


Biometric scanners

Door entry systems

Access Control Leatherhead

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