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Use your mobile device as your access credentials

Manage access and movements with ease with the installation of a mobile access control system.


How does this system work?

Rather than using keycards or fobs, a mobile access control system allows staff or visitors to use either a smartphone, tablet or wearable device as their access credentials.

An app is downloaded to the device which is where a users credentials are kept. They can then use their device to access rooms throughout the building much like you would with using a keycard or fob.

Mobile Access Control Epsom


Benefits of mobile access control

Ensuring that the correct person has the correct access rights

One of the biggest issues with keycards/fobs is when someone misplaces them or worse, gives the card to someone else.

People are far less likely to hand out their phone to someone meaning you know if someone uses their phone, it’s the correct person trying to gain access.

Financial and environmental benefits

Although the costs are low, the cost to re-issue new cards can build up over time. Especially when the chances of recovering these cards is low.

With many businesses trying to find ways to reduce outgoing costs, using your smartphone as your credentials is a benefit that will help.

Mobile Access Control Epsom


A system that works for everyone…

From an admin point of view, setting up a new user with a keycard and with the correct access rights is time-consuming.

With mobile access control, you can send an email to the new user with details on how they can set up their device. This means that they can have access to your building right away without the need for you to set them up with a keycard or visitor pass.

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